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This is a Barber’s Straight Razor, brought to you by our sister company, ‘The Cambridge Barber’.

It takes replaceable blades so no need to sharpen before shaving. It includes a pack of 10 x Gillette Wilkinson Sword Blades which break into two so you effectively have 20 blades!

  • The handle is made of 100% natural sheesham wood, no paints, plastics or polish
  • We have removed the reverts and have installed a brass screw – which can be adjusted to fine tune

The wooden handle is engraved with The Cambridge Barber’s logo as is the black leather pouch which keeps your razor protected.

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This razor is a close relative to the standard straight razor but the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means you don’t have to worry about stropping and sharpening yet enjoy the closeness of a straight razor shave.

Our replaceable blade straight razor uses half a standard safety razor blade at a time which is placed in the open holding mechanism and is held firm on closing. The razor is then used in similar fashion to the traditional straight razor.

The razor comes in a black, leather case which features The Cambridge Barber’s distinctive logo. The sheesham wood handle is laser engraved with the same logo. The length of the fully extended razor including handle is 24cm.

This razor comes with a FREE 10 pack of Gillette Wilkinson Sword blades.

The classic double edge razor allows a safer shave and gives you healthier and smoother looking skin. If you favour the retro look and style then you’ll love the Wilkinson Sword Classic blade. Its simple design and double edge blade technology provides excellent value for money, simplicity and performance. The sharp blades have a PTFE coating which reduces friction during the shave and makes them extremely long lasting.

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