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Beard Oils, Balm, Shampoo & Everything Male Grooming

We’re proud to be the UK’s 1st supplier of Beard Wipes!

History tells us that the beard was a sign of power, high social status and wisdom. Norse Sagas tell of women competing over who gets the best man, with the best beards regarded as a sign of virility.

Here at Viking Beard Stuff we understand that growing a beard is a commitment and it’s a commitment the Vikings took seriously. Our Beard Oils use only the finest natural ingredients making it superior to most Oils on the market. We also produce Beard Balms, Beard Shampoo Bars and lot’s more making us the perfect choice for all your Male Grooming needs!

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We carefully create all our products by hand in small batches, using only natural materials and take time picking only the best ingredients for their nourishing and healing properties. They are selected to help repair dry and damaged beards and the skin beneath. Our products are formulated to fight bacteria, cleanse and ensure your beard is protected against the harsh elements the Vikings would regularly come up against.

Give it a go, your face will thank you for it!

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