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Our Deluxe Hamper contains a 30ml Premium Beard Oil, a 20g Beard Balm, 3 x Beard Wipes, a Shampoo Bar in Biodegradable Cellulose bag, a pair of Grooming Scissors, a hessian comb pouch and one of our Custom Wooden Comb.

All Packed into a Hamper and Heat Sealed, it comes packed in straw and shipped in a box to keep it safe! Please specify your scents at the Checkout.

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Our Premium Beard Oil combines a special blend of 100% pure Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

We carefully create all our products by hand in small batches, grinding down natural materials and oils in traditional Viking ways.

We take time picking only the best natural ingredients for their nourishing and healing properties, selected to help repair dry and damaged beards and the skin beneath. Our products fight bacteria, moisturise and ensure your beard is protected against harsh elements that the Vikings would often come up against.

How to Use: Drip a few drops into the fingertips and massage gently into beard hairs and skin underneath. Smooth with our wooden Beard Comb for best results.

Our Beard Balms combine a blend of pure Beeswax, Solid Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

Beeswax helps keep skin tender and creates a barrier against the outside world.

Coconut Oil moisturizes hair and skin, eliminates beard-druff, helps repair damaged hair and is even beneficial for patchy hair or baldness.

Sweet Almond softens and conditions your beard hair as well as the skin beneath, which is the foundation of the beard. It also helps protect against the dreaded ‘beard-itch’ and eliminates dry skin.

How to Use: Scoops out a small amount of Balm and rub between your hands or fingertips and smooth through your beard to provide a light hold. Helps keep your beard styled and give a natural shine and healthy look.

20g Tin

Our Shampoo Bar & Soap is an essential for your Beard and skin!

This will cleanse and condition your beard without stripping natural oils away which can leave it dry and brittle. The skin on our face is a lot more sensitive than the skin on our head, so Vikings with particularly sensitive skin will benefit more from a Beard shampoo.

We add activated charcoal into our soap bars which absorbs into the pores of you skin and draws out the toxins and pollutants which block them. Activated charcoal is also proven to help reduce the effects of acne and scaring.

How to Use: Moisten your Beard, run the Shampoo Bar under warm water and massage between your hands to create a lather you can rub into your beard hairs. Rinse with warm water. This can also be used as a conventional soap; the natural ingredients help protect skin and restore vitamins and minerals.

Approx 120g Bar


Get your hands on Viking’s custom Pearwood combs, perfect to slip in your pocket and pull out when your beard or mo needs a touch up!

Wood Colour

A quality pocket Hair & Beard comb

Overall comb length: 14cm

Be a Viking and fight that unruly beard!



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