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This is a Barber’s Straight Razor, brought to you by our sister company, ‘The Cambridge Barber’.

  • The handle is made of 100% natural sheesham wood, no paints, plastics or polish
  • We have removed the reverts and have installed a brass screw – which can be adjusted to fine tune

The wooden handle is engraved with The Cambridge Barber’s logo as is the black leather pouch which keeps your razor protected.

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Straight razors have always been made with high-quality wood and metal. In this case it comes with a Sheesham wood handle beautifully engraved with The Cambridge Barber logo.

Not only are these retro razors stylish, you won’t ever have to replace the blade again provided you treat it with the right care. With regular cleaning, sharpening, and polishing (also known as “honing and stropping”) this will ensure that your blade is in premium condition for its lifetime as well as yours. Straight razors result in lesser razor bumps, razor burns and skin irritation compared to some standard razors.

Nothing can parallel the classiness and efficiency of a wet shave with a straight razor. These razors can last you a lifetime with proper care and usage, making them a worthy investment especially when compared to disposable and double edge razors.

Also, if you’re someone who loves feeling “macho”, it doesn’t get better than these blades, nicknamed “cutthroat razors” for their badass sharpness and efficiency.

If you take pride in your beard and find long grooming sessions to be therapeutic and satisfying, straight razors are the way to go! Make the right decision and buy one of these babies, we promise you won’t regret it.

If you’re new to Cut Throat Razors, check out this complete beginners guide at:

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