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“These are going to leave your beard feeling like it just took a dip in a mountain stream.”

WE ARE THE FIRST UK SUPPLIER OF BEARD WIPES, TRY YOURS NOW!! Beard Paw Premium BeardWipes are made with the Modern Man in mind. The company was created by a team who understands that a beard is a badge, a symbol of manhood, virility, and the time-honored tradition of letting that which is natural grow […]

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History tells us that the beard was a sign of power, high social status and wisdom. Norse Sagas tell of women competing over who gets the best man, with the best beards regarded as a sign of virility.These battle-hardened warriors used their Beards to intimidate inhabitants of foreign lands whilst charging at them with their battle-axes […]

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Growing Your Viking Beard

Growing your Viking Beard. Growing a beard is a commitment…It’s a commitment that we know the Vikings took seriously. To the Vikings the Beard was a Sign of power and wisdom with Norse Sagas telling us of women competing over who gets the best man, with the best Beards regarded as a sign of virility. […]